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Cargofleet 3 is the next generation telematics portal developed in house by BPW. Designed by BPW Group member, idem telematics, this new online platform gives transport operators access to a far greater level of data to monitor, and therefore the means to control their trailers like never before.

The highly configurable telematics system has improved its functionality to offer a comprehensive range of features. The wealth of data available now gives hauliers a much clearer view of their fleet, which in any transport business, is vital for both operational efficiency and maintaining your competitive edge within the industry.

The new Cargofleet 3 portal supports idem’s Trailer Gateway hub, which is the core of their telematics system and processing centre for all captured data. Included in the entry-level package are the core functions of EBS monitoring and track and trace. Thanks to the modular hub system, as requirements increase, new features can be added simply by connecting new hubs. These new hubs monitor areas such as fridge temperature, door sensors and tyre pressure and temperature. This means that from an initial low investment, operators are in full control and can upgrade their telematics system at any time to suit their business needs. Reassuringly, the system is easy to operate with training and support provided by BPW’s technical team.

Cargofleet 3’s enhanced reporting functions are ideal to minimise trailer downtime and comply with operator’s safety and maintenance requirements. The system constantly monitors and records trailer performance and will give early warnings of any operational failures, such as EBS alerts, so immediate action can be taken for repairs, reducing vehicle downtime and the risk of DVSA infringements for your business.

With fuel being one of the largest overheads for transporters, the tyre monitor hub can help reduce operational costs in this area as it monitors and maintains optimum tyre pressures to achieve maximum fuel efficiency, whilst also improving tyre wear and reducing the risk of premature tyre failures.

idem’s fridge hub offers excellent coverage of the areas crucial for temperature controlled transport. The EN12830 certified system records live temperature profiles, storing them for up to 18 months, and giving proof of quality assurance for the load during transport. A comprehensive alarm system can be customised for the successful management and remote control of shipments. Alerts, such as those for fridge temperature, send notification of temperature deviations, so corrective action can be taken by remotely controlling the fridge set points. To avoid compromising high value loads it is important to monitor and maintain the fridge fuel levels. Here the system has alarms set to send warnings when fuel levels are low, to prevent an empty tank causing cooler failure.

Customer demands in the temperature controlled supply chain are notoriously high. With so many variables to consider, telematics are an extremely valuable operational tool, which not only add value to your service but give immediate returns on your investment. idem telematics harness future technology to control your refrigerated fleet today.

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