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BPW Spare parts - The original is genuinely the best

BPW is renowned for producing quality, engineered axle and suspension systems for the commercial trailer market. So, it’s no surprise to know that every spare part is developed, designed, and checked with the same level of care as its original equipment. 


BPW imposes high standards, not only within its own house but also on those associated with it. Take BPW spare parts distributors, for instance. BPW has over 250 appointed distributors across the UK, so rest assured, if you are buying from an authorised BPW distributor, you know you’ll be buying genuine parts. 


BPW part components have been manufactured to exacting engineering standards and will provide long-term performance and reliability. They are designed with nothing less than long life in mind. Having invested in BPW high-performance running gear, why settle for anything less when it comes to spares? Even when maintenance budgets are tight – and they almost always are – there is sometimes the temptation to fit non-genuine parts. Is it worth the risk? 


At their research and development facilities near the main factory in Wiehl, BPW is not only developing new and better products but also continuously testing existing components to ensure that rigorous quality standards are being met. Whether it is axle beams or pivot bolts, all components are regularly tested, and quality is monitored regardless of size. 


Mike Stayman, Aftermarket and Maintenance Network Manager, said, “Operators run the risk of facing hefty repair work when non-genuine parts are fitted. At best, these parts can contribute to rapid wear and tear of the equipment or, at worst, an accident. 


For instance, in the case of complex safety systems, such as brakes, BPW recommends replacing new brake shoes in their entirety to ensure optimum performance. Fitting new brake shoes eliminates the possibility of newer trailers being fitted with older, worn, and damaged platforms, which can result in brake noise, vibration, and premature lining degradation.


All new BPW brake shoes are supplied with rollers, removing the problem of seized or damaged rollers caused by shot blasting. This damage can impair the braking performance and cause impact wear on the camshaft. 

As a company whose reputation has been built on quality and reliability, BPW has long recommended fitting new brake shoes to make the most of its axle and suspension systems. Stayman said, “This isn’t just a marketing ploy, but because the friction surfaces of BPW brake pads and linings are specially matched to complement the metallurgy in BPW disc or drum brakes. It is this important detail that ensures the best possible braking and wear behaviour for trailers.” 


Stayman also says that the low wear on its brake drums and shoes is the result of both experience and extensive testing to ensure consistent, efficient braking is delivered and that the wear components remain constant, right to the end of their service life. As Mike points out, this is of particular importance where the brake drum torque is higher and the shoes are from the smaller brake sizes that are used with 19.5, 17.5, and 15.0 inch wheels, such as those on double-deckers, where the increased height also increases the braking challenges. 


As the brake shoe is profiled to optimally match the BPW brake drum, there is no difference between BPW’s OE and the aftermarket. Made in BPW’s own factory using a specially developed steel alloy, the company’s pressed and hardened shoes are dip coated with zinc-phosphate for enhanced surface protection. 


Training courses are also encouraged for BPW spare parts distributors, and the company offers a parts identification training course, that includes training on BPW’s internal aftermarket portal, and manually identifying BPW parts. Stayman said, “Delivering up-to-the-minute information to our distributors is paramount to ensuring that the correct range of parts is available UK-wide. And with a better understanding of the products, distributors can confidently advise and support their customers, the end-users.”




13th February 2023


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