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BPW tyre pressure monitoring system



The transport and logistics industry is on the brink of a radical digital transformation, with fast-growing access to real-time information constantly increasing. BPW, a leading innovator in the world of freight transport and logistics, has heavily invested in the development of vehicle telematics solutions in order to support its customers and stay ahead of the ongoing digital transformation in the transport and logistics industry.


BPW’s idem telematics Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), provides customers with real-time information on their tyre pressures, giving them a clearer view of the performance of their tyres. TPMS can use up to 36 sensors, providing a comprehensive solution for not only tyre pressure alerts but also tyre temperature information, improving safety, extending tyre lifetime, and saving fuel. Tyre pressure and temperature are recorded simultaneously using the rim-mounted sensors, which can seamlessly integrate into all commonly available wheel sizes and benefit from having a life expectancy of up to seven years.


Designed by BPW Group member idem telematics, Cargofleet telematics systems give transport operators access to a far greater level of real-time performance statistics and data to monitor and control their trailers. This data can be accessed through an app (The Driver App) or the Cargofleet telematics platform, enabling drivers to easily monitor and check their vehicle’s tyre pressure and temperature from anywhere, at any time. It’s far more than a simple track and trace system. From just one advanced source covering multiple functions, Cargofleet generates a wealth of data allowing transport operators and drivers to keep an eye on the health and safety of their trailers.


Because TPMS continually monitors tyre pressure, there are other impressive benefits which include:

  • Reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear.

  • Minimises downtime caused by tyre blowouts.

  • Ensures that your vehicles are safer on the roads.

  • Continual access to all the information, wherever you are.


By continually monitoring tyre pressure and temperature, fleet managers and operators can identify potential failures well before regular maintenance checks, preventing issues from escalating and minimising downtime caused by low tyre pressure or tyre blowouts. The system is attached to the wheel rims and transmits the data of the tyre pressure to a receiving unit with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.3 bar, making it extremely easy to set the optimal tyre pressure and to improve the safety and efficiency of the driver’s trailer operations.




11 July 2023


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