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The Renewed Airlight II Round Axles - Our universal Air Suspension

The development of the Airlight II Round axle (Airlight II-R) has proved successful since its UK launch in 2021 and it has further strengthened our successful universal air suspension systems. Due to its innovative lightweight design, which reduces fuel consumption, whilst increasing payload, Airlight II-R has been welcomed into the market and has already become a standard fit for both trailer builders and customers alike. 


As the Airlight II range continues to grow and deliver unparalleled performance for trailers of nine to twelve tonnes, we want to discuss what makes it our most advanced modular solution for trailers so far and how it can bring your fleet to the next level.


Lighter Than Air: 


We pride ourselves on our ability to constantly optimise our products and services in response to the needs of our customers. We understand there is always a next step, and we always want to be the first to take it. That’s what drove the development of this new generation of lightweight running gear. To further reduce the weight on the Airlight II-R, there is the option to fit a forged aluminium hub, offering a hefty 54 kg weight saving per tri axle. It’s available for 22.5” wheels in a centre nave format. Additionally, a reduction of 4 kg per axle can be achieved by specifying the BPW lightweight air bag. 


Not only is the new Airlight II-R one of the lightest axle and suspension systems on the market, but it is also incredibly effective in applications across the board, from transporting liquid goods cross-country to carrying logs on unpaved roads in forests. The adaptability doesn’t stop there, as it can also be configured for very low ride heights, allowing easy transport of construction vehicles on low-loaders.


Smoothing Out the Edges: 


For a long time, we were known for our high-quality square-axle beams, but the Airlight II-R signals our successful switch to round-axle beams that build on the stability of their predecessors. We have accomplished this thanks to state-of-the-art laser processing, which can both roughen and harden the material on contact surfaces, creating an incredibly strong grip. 


As well as this, incorporating robust clamped coupling components inspired by the development of our ECO Air modular chassis adds further stability to the Airlight II-R’s performance in the most challenging applications.


The Bottom Line: 


A good axle and suspension system will save you money, but a great one pays for itself at the same time. The innovative, lightweight design of the Airlight II-R lowers fuel consumption whilst offering greater efficiency with higher payloads. This allows you to carry and transport more for less, which means more revenue at lower costs. 


The Airlight II-R is the new benchmark for axle and suspension systems moving forward and the feedback from our customers, who have continued to praise the Airlight II-R for its usable load and quality, is a testament to our decades of experience in developing innovative running gear technology. 


We are continuously proud of our work developing innovative solutions for transportation and mobility services, and look forward to what we will achieve this year and beyond. For more information about the Airlight II-R or any of our products and services, contact us today on 0116 281 6100 or email us at [email protected].




8th March 2022


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