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iGurt - the intelligent cargo restraint system

Transport damages caused by poorly secured freight are routine in the transport business; serious accidents and damages to the load frequently occur due to swaying or unstable
trailers. BPW is now tackling one of the main causes with the intelligent cargo restraint system, iGurt, which checks and fully documents the tension of the lashing straps throughout
the entire transport process.

Loose cargo is estimated to be the cause of 20 to 25 per cent of traffic accidents in heavy-load traffic. The iGurt aims to reduce this amount by providing a system that tracks the restraint through permanent status monitoring. All the devices in use display the respective preload force on the housing unit. It also provides information on excessive preload force, which might damage a susceptible load.

The iGurt device is fastened easily and securely to each lashing strap. If a strap becomes loose, drivers receive an alert on their iGurt smartphone app via Bluetooth, and prompt action can then be taken. The sturdy, shockproof housing is designed for long-term use on the trailer. The battery charge lasts for around one year, while the battery itself can be replaced quickly and easily.


10th March 2021

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