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BPW, the leading provider of innovative solutions for the heavy commercial transport industry, is proud to announce the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the patented ECO Hub system. Since its introduction, the ECO hub has remained a symbol of excellence, consistently setting new benchmarks within the transport industry.


Specifically designed to cope with the high-duty cycles of modern transport, the ECO hub’s innovative details give a boost in terms of mileage and economic value.  This achievement has been met by paying close attention to key areas such as stub axle, bearing selection, sealing arrangement, lubrication development, and bearing adjustment. Patented 30 years ago, the BPW ECO hub system has been a trailblazing success, and the ECO hub principle has been the foundation of BPW running gear developments ever since.


Consistently evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the transport industry, BPW has introduced ground-breaking innovations to each generation of the ECO hub, seamlessly adapting to new technologies, including safety regulations and sustainability requirements.  Its low-maintenance features allow operators to keep their running costs to an absolute minimum, making it the go-to solution for fleet operators and trailer builders worldwide.  


But why choose BPW?




The BPW hub system uses a unique spindle nut that automatically compensates for any wear in the bearings. Each time the hub is removed or the spindle nut is released and re-torqued, it automatically takes up any wear in the wheel bearings and sets the bearing pre-load to the correct amount. This gives an advantage over a compact or cartridge bearing, where it is not possible to adjust any wear in the bearing.


The heavy-duty DIN/ISO taper roller bearings, together with the grease seals, are retained in the hub using circlips.  If necessary, the circlips can be easily removed to facilitate checking or replacing of the bearings. When the bearings need to be replaced, this can be achieved without having to separate the hub from the road wheel, brake drum, or disc.  These commercially available taper roller bearings can be purchased as a repair kit and come complete with new circlips and grease seals. 


THE ECO HUB SPINDLE NUT WITH TORQUE LIMITER: It's often the little things that make life easier.


BPW’s patented ECO technology stands out for several reasons. One of which is the hub spindle nut, which allows faster and easier removal of the wheel and reduces brake re-lining times by at least 50%.  Inspired by the speed and efficiency of Formula 1 pit stops, the BPW hub nut acts as a puller, enabling the removal of the entire hub, brake drum and road wheel assembly, in one simple movement.  The benefits include easier service and repair, shorter servicing times, reduced maintenance costs, and less downtime. Semi-trailers with the BPW ECO hub unit spend less time in the workshop; each brake service is shortened by at least 10 operations.


But it doesn’t end there. The ECO hub’s simple but ingenious spindle nut features an integrated torque limiter. The nut slips as soon as the preset torque is achieved, eliminating an over-or-under-torque situation. In addition, an anti-rotation lock in the form of a retaining key locks the spindle nut, maintaining the optimum bearing preload.  




The multi-seal unit provides unparalleled protection against dust, dirt, and water ingress. The hub system is made up of a labyrinth of seals that sit in front of the actual grease seal to prevent dirt from penetrating. This is supplemented by an integrated dust lip to fully seal the bearings for maximum durability and extended service intervals. Additionally, a grease-retaining sheath, positioned between the bearings, guarantees optimal grease retention. 


One of the key factors behind the enduring success of the BPW ECO axle is BPW’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. BPW’s dedicated team of engineers and technicians continuously refines the axle’s design, improving performance and optimising fuel efficiency. These features not only enhance safety but also lead to substantial cost savings for fleet operators, making the BPW ECO hub system the preferred choice in the transport industry.  




30 August 2023


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