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BPW to showcase innovative solutions and services at Agritechnica

Prioritising Transport Efficiency


In agriculture, nature determines the moment. The ability to act at the right time is frequently what separates successful growth in plants, animals, and businesses. This is why BPW’s presentation at Agritechnica will centre on the uptime of agricultural vehicles and equipment. At Stand D05 in Hall 5, BPW will demonstrate intelligent, digitalised running gear and all-encompassing service concepts that keep a farmer’s and contractor's operations running smoothly. 


Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology, takes place in Hanover from November 12 – 18. It unites farmers from all sectors with leading companies that provide state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and machinery for the agricultural sector. At this year’s event, you can explore BPW’s running gear technology, which offers a tailored solution for every operation. Through a unique engineering approach, BPW ensures strength and longevity across the entire life cycle of construction, assembly, maintenance, and spare parts service. 


For the first time, BPW’s agricultural running gear reveals its digital DNA by simply scanning its unique QR code. Workshops and drivers can effortlessly access service-related product information, such as parts lists and manuals, by simply using their smartphones. Service technicians gain access to parts diagrams for their selected axle, streamlining work precision. From wheel bearings and nuts to kingpins, brake cams, seals and suspension components, a complete parts analysis takes mere seconds, simplifying and elevating the precision of their work. 


Manoeuvring in a confined space without an auxiliary steering system can be an everyday challenge. However, Active Reverse Control is designed to support the steering functionality of trailers working in a tight space, as it offers an increase in the agility and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. This new electro-hydraulic steering system automatically controls the steering axle when reversing. Fitted by the vehicle manufacturer, this innovative sensor technology, mounted in the control unit, rather than the kingpin, detects the direction and angle of the steering. It reduces loading time and extends tyre life. 


A further stand highlight is BPW’s 30-tonne AGRO robust heavy-duty pendulum axle. This axle enables farmers to transport huge loads safely and efficiently over difficult off-road conditions. Unlike traditional axles that can lead to vehicle instability, BPW’s pendulum axle ensures the independently suspended wheels follow the ground without compacting the soil. It is engineered for exceptional load-bearing capacity and unwavering reliability, and incorporates special low-maintenance, heavy-duty plain bearings, ensuring that farmers can maintain continuous operation.




19 October 2023


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