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Unlocking the value: BPW new genuine parts.

For 125 years, BPW, a globally recognised market leader in the commercial vehicle industry, has earned its reputation for producing high-quality, engineered trailer axle and suspension systems. Today, BPW upholds its dedication to excellence by affirming that specifying original spare parts is genuinely the best.


When customers choose BPW’s new genuine parts, they can expect:


  • Reliability: BPW part components have been manufactured to exacting engineering standards, ensuring not only immediate but also long-term efficiency and reliability.
  • Safety: Every BPW spare part is meticulously designed to enhance vehicle safety, delivering peace of mind on every journey.
  • Longevity: Built to last, they outperform imitations, reducing long-term maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Performance: Optimises vehicle proficiency, thus improving efficiency and reducing vehicle downtime.
  • Warranty Assurance: With new genuine parts, customers benefit from BPW’s warranty coverage, offering an extra layer of protection and support.


Consider drum brake shoes for instance. There has been a growing shift in the industry towards replacing brake shoes in their entirety and moving away from relining to ensure optimum capability. Although relining might appear to be a cost-effective option, it may compromise function and safety.  New BPW brake shoes eliminate the risks associated with older, worn, and damaged brake platforms which can often result in incidents of brake noise, vibration, and premature lining degradation. 


All new BPW brake shoes are supplied complete with rollers, removing the problem of seized or damaged rollers caused by shot blasting during the relining process. This damage can affect the braking performance and cause impact wear on the camshaft.  Moreover, the friction material of the brake shoe assembly is specially matched to complement the metallurgy in the BPW brake drum ensuring optimal wear behaviour. 


So, next time you're considering your next purchase, think about unlocking the value. With BPW's new genuine parts, it’s not just a purchase; it's an investment in quality, safety, performance, and peace of mind. 


It pays to fit BPW's new genuine parts, first time, every time.


27 October 2023


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