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Streamline your digital fleet operations. Integrated system technology that reduces unscheduled maintenance, keeps drivers safe on the road is a must-have in a cost-driven climate. BPW idem Telematics is here to improve your fleet management, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


In today’s cost-conscious environment, telematics solutions play a vital role in helping fleet managers determine when it is best to adopt new digital technology. According to IBIS World, the UK Fleet Telematics Systems industry has experienced an average growth rate of 3.6% annually between 2018 and 2023, and it is predicted to rise a further 2.5% in 2023. This highlights the valuable insights that telematics systems can provide when it comes to making informed business decisions.


The evolution of BPW idem telematics has transformed the transportation and logistics industries, offering interconnectivity between fleets like never before. 



As the accessibility of live information continues to move at a pace, BPW’s idem telematics Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring (EBPM) gives customers an even clearer view into the performance of their brakes. The cutting-edge telematics system typically incorporates EBPM as standard. The fully integrated system is designed to fit seamlessly into fleet operations, continually monitoring the performance of the trailer brakes in real time and providing a facility to acquire the data in the form of reports. 


BPW EBPM is about visibility; peace of mind for the fleet manager who will be given a clear view of the braking performance of each trailer within the fleet to meet safety, compliance, and maintenance schedules. Its effectiveness has led to the industry's standardisation of truck and trailer specifications.



EBPM utilises information gathered from the trailer’s electronic braking system (EBS) during a braking manoeuvre, combining this data with information processed from the telematics system to calculate speed reduction over distance and time, resulting in a deceleration rate. The information is then transmitted to the idem servers through General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and once processed, it becomes accessible through the reporting system. 


All braking events are monitored. However, only those that fit certain criteria, making them suitable for reliable analysis, are used to report on braking performance. The processed data can then be transmitted via our telematics portal, processed, and made available to others.


The system can generate reports (as shown in the image above) covering various time periods, but a 90-day report offers a comprehensive view of brake performance, while a weekly report can alert any potential problems.


The accuracy of the data increases with time as the system is utilised; reports can provide data on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. However, a minimal sample of 100 qualified braking events is required for an Asset Report to provide an overall pass or fail result.




Sharing the data from the brake performance monitoring system reduces regular brake roller test requirements to once per year rather than four times. Automated EBS error alerts also enable proactive repair and maintenance schedules.



This integrated system is designed to fit seamlessly into your operations. Investing in BPW idem Telematics can provide long-term solutions for these challenges, as BPW’s products are designed to deliver quality, reliability, and cost-saving benefits. With features such as real-time tracking and monitoring, predictive maintenance, and driver safety alerts, BPW idem Telematic solutions help to reduce unscheduled downtime, lower fuel costs, and improve overall fleet performance. 


BPW’s idem telematics system is leading the charge in fleet management processes.  It is providing cutting-edge solutions that set the standard and revolutionise the industry. Investing in BPW means investing in quality, reliability, and peace of mind.




26 April 2023


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