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In the ever-evolving landscape of refrigerated transport, where energy conservation and eco-friendly options are a necessity, BPW ePower emerges as a symbol of innovation and sustainability. Unlike other systems that constantly engage the generator, contributing to increased emissions and fuel consumption, BPW ePower stands out as a smart solution designed to operate intelligently, optimising energy usage and minimising environmental impact.


A PIONEERING PARTNERSHIP FOR A GREENER FUTURE: BPW and Thermo King, two leading companies at the forefront of transitioning technology in the industry, proudly announced their collaborative effort to shape the future of sustainable and efficient climate-neutral refrigerated transport. More than just an innovative stride, this partnership offers the perfect alliance.


A TECHNOLOGICAL MARVEL - BPW EPOWER: The BPW ePower is a cutting-edge generator axle designed to propel the transportation industry into a greener future. With its dual generators, ePower doubles power output and reliability. However, what truly sets ePower apart is its intelligent energy management system, ensuring that the cooling system always has access to sufficient battery reserves without unnecessary engagement, thereby minimising fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


ePower, developed by engineers at BPW, is meticulously designed to adhere to automotive safety standards. The system recovers energy when the trailer is moving, enabling a carbon-neutral and quiet supply of power to refrigeration units for temperature-controlled transportation. Depending on the usage and equipment, this innovative solution not only presents the opportunity to save up to 4,000 litres of fuel annually per trailer but also has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10 tonnes per year per trailer.


A SMART SOLUTION IN ACTION: Unlike traditional systems that remain engaged throughout the journey, BPW ePower does not engage or carry current until the vehicle reaches 15 KmH. Operating similarly to a bike dynamo, ePower efficiently converts wheel rotation into energy and temporarily stores it in a backup battery before feeding it into the system as needed.


The battery pack has two options: a Standard (19 KW) or an Extended (38 KW) Autonomy Pack. These were created with the help of telematics experts to ensure that drivers and fleet managers can get the best fit for their fleet. This way the kinetic energy typically lost by a trailer during transit is recycled efficiently.


REAL-TIME INTERACTION: Equipped with intelligent smart power management, which controls the engagement and disengagement of the generators, ePower additionally reduces resistance on the tractor unit and offers real-time battery charge status to both the driver and fleet manager. The settings for the system can be changed on demand via the BPW idem telematics Cargofleet portal, as well as Thermo King’s TracKing web portal and the TK Reefer app.


THE FOUR-MODE ADVANTAGE: Equipped with four generator modes, BPW ePower offers unparalleled versatility tailored to various driving situations. Different operating modes make sure that energy is managed intelligently and, therefore, that the system in question is ideally supplied with electricity as needed – even during longer journeys or in congested traffic conditions.

A PLEDGE FOR THE FUTURE: In an era when climate change and environmental concerns are at the forefront of global challenges, BPW and Thermo King are taking a proactive approach. They recognise that there is a perpetual urgency when it comes to developing new sustainable products. Partnering with industry experts is speeding up its progress in bringing new solutions to the refrigeration industry and instigating change. BPW are committed to sustainability, and this partnership demonstrates their dedication to preserving the environment and supporting a cleaner, more sustainable future.




10 April 2024


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