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BPW's eSolutions - Electric Drive and Trailer Power Generation

Under the name eSolutions, BPW is developing two new electrical concepts for economical and low-emission transport - ePower and eTransport. Together they target the electrification of axles whilst offering a practical solution for electric power generation in the trailer.

The inherent benefits are shining a spotlight on electric drives, especially since sustainability is currently high on the agenda of the transport and logistics industries. They are quiet, clean and rugged, require very little maintenance and therefore offer compelling efficiency benefits in congested city centres and conurbations. Whereas most drive concepts are intended for light vans capable of carrying 3.5 tonnes, BPW has developed its electric drive to address the needs of the 5.5 - 26 tonne segment.

eTransport was developed as an axle with integrated electric drive for distribution vehicles. The unit, comprising an axle, electric drive and energy accumulator, can be integrated in a wide variety of vehicle models. It can be retro-fitted to existing fleets and supplied as an OEM system for new vehicles. The drive is emission free and recovers braking energy. Active steering assistance via torque vectoring reduces the vehicle’s turning circle which adds to the benefits of the eTransport solution. Charging can take place overnight within a few hours and is sufficient for at least one day’s driving in an inner city goods distribution environment.

ePower is a system for energy recovery on the trailer by means of wheel hub generators which are particularly suitable for supplying power to refrigerated vehicles. With just one axle equipped with two ePower wheel hub generators, enough energy is generated during the braking process to operate the refrigerated box. This reduces diesel consumption by about 2,500 litres per year. Even with an additional battery for interim storage of the energy, ePower is weight-neutral when compared to cooling by means of a diesel generator. The system is self-sufficient and can be mounted on existing axle designs.

Electrification is a trend that is now capturing the entire vehicle and logistics industry. Beyond the hype, BPW is focusing on developing practical innovations that offer vehicle operators and vehicle manufacturers tangible economic benefits. A BPW solution for the electric drive and electric power generation complements their expertise in the fields of running gear technology, brakes, lightweight designs, sensors and telematics.

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