Safety and compliance


You will have the ability to set up EBS alarms and e-mail / SMS to key members of staff, so issues can be responded to as they occur. 
Alarms include: 
•    EBS warning lights
•    ABS events
•    Roll stability events

A BPW telematics brake performance monitoring software showing the activity of 10 trailers

Stand/driving Gantt chart

Gantt chart clearly shows trailer utilisation data in a visual format.

A summary provides data for a selected period.

BPW telematics stand/driving Gantt chart

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Portal TPMS data

•    TPMS data and icon alerts on the portal for rapid status visibility.
•    Proactive TPMS issue alarm notification by e-mail.
•    Tyre pressure and temperature recorded simultaneously with
     rim-mounted sensors.
•    Valve-mounted sensors are also available, which only report
     tyre pressure.

A tyre pressure monitoring system showing the activity of three trailers

Electronic brake performance monitoring

EBPMS is a system to monitor the dynamic performance of the tractor unit/trailer combination braking and to provide a facility to acquire the data in the form of reports.

A bar chart

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring offers a direct connection to the fridge or data logger. Comprehensive temperature reports and temperature alarms functions are also available via the portal.


An email raising awareness of an alarm

Fridge data and fuel monitoring

Fridge status displays a full range of data output of the fridge, while the fridge fuel monitor sends alerts when fuel levels are low. 

BPW telematics system showing a trailers technical data

Telematics driver app

The idem telematics driver app displays truck and trailer data on a tablet or smart phone. Daily work-flows are optimised for drivers, supporting them with a variety of information.
The app is currently available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Android compatibility:

Smart phone: min. 4.7” screen
Min. Android version 4.0.3 

Tablet: 7 – 10”
Min. Android  version 4.0.3

A diagram showcasing the benefits of BPWs telematics

Door Sensing

A door sensor enables load security and load status monitoring.

blue and yellow icon


The BPW AirSave tyre pressure control system will continuously track and control tyre pressure on route, helping to prevent unnecessary expenditures caused by worn out tyres or a roadside prohibition for under-inflated tyres. The system permanently monitors tyre pressure and starts to inflate at a pressure deviation of just 0.2 bar, making it a very fast and reliable system to have. 

AirSave can also be connected to the BPW idem telematics portal, Cargofleet 3. 

A large rubber wheel with a BPW trailer axle within it

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