Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring

What is EBPM?

  • EBPM is a system to monitor the dynamic performance of the tractor unit/trailer combination braking and to provide a facility to acquire the data in the form of reports.
  • The system is able to produce performance figures for the tractor unit/trailer combination by using data from the Electronic Braking System, (EBS), and data acquired from other sources.
  • Note: Parking brake performance cannot be assessed by EBPM.

    Parking brake performance
    Where EBPM is unable to asses parking brake performance but the service brake performance is reported to be performing satisfactorily by an EBPM, a visual inspection of the parking brake components and check of system operation would be accepted as the minimum requirement for a parking brake safety inspection. If there is any doubt over the parking brake performance, further tests must be conducted.

    Source: DVSA “Guide to Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System(s)” published 22nd April 2016.
Brake performance management software overview of a ten day period

How does EBPM work?

  • EBPM monitors braking events and then compares the result to the demand from the driver and tractor unit. 
  • The pressure on the service coupling, (or the equivalent electrical signal), indicates how much braking the driver/tractor unit is expecting.
  • The level of retardation achieved is calculated from the speed and distance travelled.
A Fleet chart

What does EBPM report?

  • The EBPM system reports how the tractor unit/trailer combination braking system is performing against demand.
  • The EBPM system reports how the braking system is performing against demand.
  • The longer the system is used, the more accurate the data becomes. 
  • The reports can produce data on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and also ad hoc last x days to a maximum 90 days.  
  • A minimum sample of 100 qualified braking events are required for an Asset Report to provide an overall result of “pass” or “low performance” rating, else the report is generated but reports an overall result of “not rated”.


Break performance monitoring system report for an individual trailer

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