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Cargo Securing

Secure your load with iGurt; the intelligent cargo restraint system.


BPW is now tackling one of the main causes of poorly secured freight with the intelligent cargo restraint system, iGurt, which checks and fully documents the tension of the lashing straps throughout the entire transport process. The iGurt device is fastened easily and securely to each lashing strap. If a strap becomes loose, the driver will receive an alert from a smartphone app via Bluetooth, and prompt action can then be taken.


The reliable retrofit solution for added safety and security.

BPW iGurt


SafeT is a clever door locking device. It protects both vehicle and cargo and is mounted to the rear door in order to prevent unauthorised openings. The system automatically locks as soon as the door is closed and can only be opened with a code via a mechanical keypad. The SafeT is compatible with a large range of rear portal doors and is highly recommended for pharmaceutical, high value or food transports.

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