HESTAL - CargoMaster Strap Lift System

Designed for transport operators, CargoMaster is an efficient and user friendly strap lift system that secures loads safely to the vehicle chassis during transit. It has many built-in safety features to protect drivers, reduces unloading times for speedier deliveries and meets DVSA requirements.

As featured in RHA's April 2018 Roadway magazine article on load security.



Security, Safety & Compliance

Safety and efficiency are major features of Hestal's Strap Lift System, CargoMaster. The compact system is not only designed to maximise haulage capacity, but also meets DVSA load securing requirements. Able to handle loads of all shapes and sizes, the straps fully wrap around the load and secure it directly to the chassis. This prevents loads falling from the vehicle and damage to the goods in transit.

Drivers can have total confidence using CargoMaster to meet their responsibility for load safety inspections. And the user-friendly system makes light work of unloading too, leading to speedier delivery times. Using CargoMaster's system also protects the drivers from injury, as they no longer need to mount the trailer to fasten the restraining straps. Further protection is offered by retarders fitted to the straps, which prevent these from releasing too quickly and causing harm.

The system is totally cost-effective as it uses readily available, industry standard ratchet straps and extremely robust bungee cords. Overheads are reduced by securing and immobilising the load during transit, which protects the vehicle from damage such as curtain tears.

So, as well as complying with health and safety requirements and improving the efficiency of deliveries, CargoMaster ensures your customers goods are undamaged and delivered faster. Which is great for your company's reputation as a reliable haulier and even better news for your customers.

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CargoMaster Customer Testimonials

Pallex logo

Pall-Ex Group

Founded in 1996 by Hilary Devey CBE, Pall-Ex brings together a network of leading hauliers to provide a reliable and cost-effective palletised freight distribution service throughout Europe. Pall-Ex have been successfully using the CargoMaster system since 2016.

Brian Heppenstall - Transport Manager, Pall-Ex Group

"As a pallet network, Pall-Ex has a wide customer-base across the country which means we deliver freight for many different industries. Our pallet shapes and sizes vary heavily from aggregates to pharmaceuticals, through to canned food and electrical items which is why we needed a load securing system that was versatile and could accommodate these differing load requirements. 

The CargoMaster system is a perfect fit for our current operation. Due to our freight catalogue, we have found that the bungee straps adapt well to all shapes and sizes. The system is extremely operator-friendly and our drivers feel much safer using the new system because of the strap retarders that stop the straps releasing too quickly and causing any harm. Our drivers definitely feel more confident that the load is secure during transport, because the straps now fully wrap around and encase loads, rather than just securing loads at the side.

Since using CargoMaster, we have seen the efficiency of deliveries improve, as the new system makes unloading much faster, saving at least half an hour per delivery. Whereas previously, our drivers had to take the straps off individually, which was extremely time-consuming and took much longer.

As a leading palletised freight distributor, our customers always expect and receive a quality service; but we continually aim to exceed expectations. Pall-Ex has been extremely impressed with CargoMaster's safe and easy to operate system which has delivered immediate improvements for both our drivers and customers with speedier deliveries."


M.R.S. Hire logo

MRS Hire Ltd

Large servicing and trailer hire firm based in Melton Mowbray covering a UK wide customer base. With a fleet size of 150 trailers, they are a supplier for a pallet distribution network. First installed the CargoMaster strap lift system in 2016.

Mick Rowbotham – MD, MRS Hire Ltd

"Searching for a load restraint system that would work for my entire trailer hire fleet and meet DVSA driver compliance, we trialled 4 systems in total. The CargoMaster strap lift system was by far the easiest to install on our SDC built trailers and gave the best overall performance.  

Easy to operate, the system glides along the tracking which runs the full length of the trailer.  My drivers have really taken to the user friendly system which has increased the efficiency with which they can load and unload, easing the pressure of delivery schedules. 

The system works on loads of all shapes and sizes, and outshone the competition as it could also cope with small pallets without the bungees snapping. In fact, not one of the bungees have failed since we first had the system installed. 

As the system uses industry standard ratchet straps, these don’t need any modifications, are low cost, widely available and normally carried as spares by any driver. 

Ultimately, CargoMaster was chosen because it delivered across all areas. My drivers highly rated its performance and versatility out on the road, it proved to be extremely robust and it is the most cost effective to maintain. 

So far, CargoMaster is installed on 10 trailers but I plan to have this fitted on all new fleet trailers purchased. ”

Hestal CargoMaster Strap Lift System

CargoMaster Strap Lift System with compact pulley trolley for improved side loading.

Photo of hestal cargomaster pulley trolley system

Close up of installed compact pulley trolley system.

Photo of Cargomaster ratchet straps with safety retarders and robust bungee cords

CargoMaster uses industry standard ratchet straps with safety retarders and robust bungee cords.


The CargoMaster systems run in a continuous line along the full length of the trailer.


As well as pallets, the versatile CargoMaster can secure a wide variety of loads.


Compliant with DVSA load securing requirements, straps fully wrap around and encase loads securing them safely to the vehicle chassis.


Watch our video showing how easy it is to operate the CargoMaster Strap Lift System for DVSA compliant load securing.


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