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Airlight Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Axle and Suspension System for Arduous Duty Cycles

Axle and suspension development doesn't happen overnight. It takes time: conception, design and years of exhaustive testing. The development of BPW's Airlight Heavy Duty (AL-HD) axle and suspension range is no exception.

It was in 2001 when BPW first introduced its Airlight 2 (AL2) suspension program.  At the time it was rated for 9 tonne axle loads for European operation.  This suspension had advantages over its predecessor:  it weighed less, featured a narrower width trailing arm and a compact and modularised hanger bracket.  It also featured the introduction of BPW’s new, low maintenance clamped axle connection.

Since then, in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, where off-road conditions are more prevalent, extensive development work took place to improve many components of the now proven AL2 suspension to suit local applications.

Based on many years’ experience in these southern hemisphere countries, BPW made improvements in trailing arm spring manufacturing processes whilst continuing further exhaustive testing on the required additional components to the AL2 program.  This has resulted in the development of the AL-HD, an axle and suspension system designed for arduous duty cycles, and axle loads up to 12 tonne capacity with thicker springs, welded spring seats and M24 U-bolts.

This extension of the AL2 program, AL-HD, is still recognised as having the same advantages as its AL2 predecessor. Clamped connections are still utilised so that damaged parts can be repaired individually, rather than having to replace a complete axle.

Sixteen years on and AL2 remains BPW's go-to suspension and now, with the addition of the new AL-HD, BPW is able to extend its offering to a wider market. Fleets looking for this type of system, which is specifically designed for more demanding operational needs, can feel secure in the knowledge that it comes from BPW's tried, tested and proven AL2 program.

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Airlight II Heavy Duty

Logging trailer using Airlight HD
AL-HD suspension systems are ideal for double decks and the logging and quarry industries.

M24 U-Bolts

M24 Welded spring seats


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