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Brake Cylinders

Well modulated, safe braking on and off-road, with evenly distributed braking effort over the entire stroke. High spring brake force and adequate reserves, even under heavy use, are all characteristics of BPW brake systems. Additional features include low parking brake release pressure with high brake cylinder reliability. Our systems are TUV approved and stress-tested. They are also powder and Dacromet coated and can be supplied in pre-assembled form with preset slack adjusters.

jockey Wheels

BPW jockey wheels and outriggers are available using either square or round tube designs. The height adjusting mechanism can be fitted with either spur or bevel gearing. We match the wheels and outriggers to the load to which they will be subjected. Brackets for mounting them to the vehicle are also available.


BPW drawbars are manufactured from high quality UNP profile steel from U 65 to U 100, and the bearing bushes from plastic, brass or rubber metal. It goes without saying that our drawbars are cataphoretic electro-dip coated for full corrosion protection.


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