About us

Established in 1987 and based in Leicester, BPW Limited is responsible for the sale of all BPW products throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our goal is to make transport and logistics processes more efficient, safer and more predictable for our customers. BPW Limited is part of the BPW Group, alongside idem telematics, Hestal, Ermax and HBN-Teknik, designed to create a worldwide network of leading specialists in research and development, sales and industrial production.

Our advanced in-house axle assembly lines enable us to build our reliable suspension systems here in Leicester. This advantage not only gives us incredible flexiblity, but also the ability to support and react to our customers' requirements at short notice. 


Our parent company BPW Bergische Achsen KG, Europe’s leading axle and suspension manufacturer for trailers and semi-trailers, was established in 1898, in Wiehl, Germany and remains an owner-operated family business. BPW has twelve production plants across the world. It also has more than 20 distribution companies and a service network of some 3,200 agents.


















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What's New?


DRIVING THE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE   BPW Limited is returning to LAMMA in 2024. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, the company’s high-tech axles and digital innovations play a pivotal role in advancing agricultural processes. From tillage to harvest, BPW’s...