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These days, time-critical deliveries of temperature-sensitive goods are increasingly more demanding, with the customer expecting key areas of data to be instantly attainable to ensure that regulations are adhered to. Also, the cost of maintenance is ever increasing: fleet managers are constantly looking at lean process management to ensure maintenance downtime is low and the asset is utilised to its maximum capacity out on the road.

BPW's telematics system, Cargofleet 3 has the capability to ensure that these inefficiencies are addressed. Gathering key elements of a trailer's movements, via GPS, fridge and EBS interrogation, Cargofleet 3 can manage by exception. Alarms, in real time can highlight concerns such as temperature variations i.e. set points, supply and return air alarms, door opening and closing and diesel monitoring of the refrigeration unit. The error codes on the EBS modulator can indicate roll stability and harsh braking events, as well as loading and unloading times.

Tyres and trailer components are also a significant cost to haulage companies. Incorrect tyre pressure can increase fuel costs, and trailer components that are replaced too early can deter from the bottom line of the business. BPW's solution can measure these areas and notify when detrition starts to occur, offering fleet/transport managers real time data to eschew a leaner and effective operation.

Telematics Customer Testimonial

Gist Limited

Gist logo

Gist Limited has been transforming supply chains for over 50 years. Their unique proposition lies in successfully integrating Temperature Controlled Distribution and Contract Logistics for retailers and their supply chains – servicing both Retail Park and convenience store locations with the same fleet. Specialists in perishable and chilled products, Gist offers logistics solutions to meet the individual operational needs of each customer across Europe and the globe.

Through its control tower and centre of excellence, Gist brings technology and freight professionals together. Gist's global capability provides their customers with the best possible end-to-end managed supply chains for the movement of chilled, perishable, ambient and hazardous products by air, sea and land.

Gist also offers services in Food Service and Solution Design. Gist's agility ensures its customers can be confident of consistent service delivery of the highest quality. Gist operates in a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors, including grocery, food service and gas. Gist delivers cost savings, environmental benefits and competitive advantage to more than 3,000 customers, including Starbucks, EAT, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Morrison's and 2 Sisters Food Group.

Gist has been successfully using BPW's idem telematics system since 2015.

Dave Parratt - Engineering Manager, Gist Limited

Our vision is to be our customer's first choice for logistics, innovation, excellence and partnership. To expertly support the scale and complexity of our customers' supply chains, Gist has 27 strategically-placed operational sites throughout the UK, Europe and the USA that are operated 24/7.

We combine our experience, intellectual knowledge, national coverage and the largest chilled transport fleet in the UK. This winning combination results in Gist reducing food miles, limiting empty runs and therefore improving costs and fuel efficiency for customers every day.

In the UK alone, our fleet consists of 2,580+ trailers, which are predominantly temperature controlled. With high customer demand for a reliable and efficient service, a well-maintained fleet is vital to the success of our operations. To manage the maintenance of such a large fleet means that advanced warnings of potential vehicle failures would be a real asset. It would mean reduced breakdowns and minimising trailer downtime. Trailer telematics offered just such a solution and led to us introducing BPW's idem telematics systems to our fleet in 2015.

The advantage of BPW's idem telematics system is that we can monitor the health of a whole trailer. Alongside the track and trace function, sensors relay the trailer's brake performance, tyre pressure/temperature and fridge data - including temperature, fuel levels and operating hours. Easy to operate and with full support from BPW's technical staff, the system can be set up to suit our needs, particularly with regards to preventative maintenance. Alerts, such as those for fridge temperature, send notifications if temperatures fall outside a configurable tolerance, so corrective action can be taken to avoid compromising critical timed deliveries. Another extremely useful aid for seamless maintenance operations are the geo-validity alarms. When the trailers are within one of our sites, e-mailed alarms notify Gist Transport and Engineering of potential issues that can be resolved immediately by our on-site maintenance teams.

Further to these features, the system runs daily reports to identify outstanding issues from the previous day. This report assists the Gist Vehicle Maintenance Units to check and ensure we comply with our maintenance and safety requirements, to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns, which could lead to late deliveries to our valued customers.

Incorporating BPW's telematics system has greatly improved the management and efficiency of Gist's fleet maintenance. Where we were previously reliant on visual and manual checks, the system gives access to real-time data for an overview of the fleet's status. Through the notification alerts, we have been able to capture problems both en route and prior to dispatch from the Gist sites, which has saved us breakdowns. The system has helped maintain Gist's reputation as an extremely reliable supply chain operator, delivering goods not only in pristine condition, but in the smallest delivery windows in the industry. It has also reduced vehicle downtime and the risk of DVSA infringements for the business.

Ultimately, our aim is to exceed the needs of our customers' and their delivery schedules, implementing industry-leading technology. By using BPW's idem telematics systems, we achieve this every day.

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For Stress Free Fleet Control Use BPW Telematics

Cargofleet 3 is the next generation telematics portal developed in house by BPW. Designed by BPW Group member, idem telematics, this new online platform gives transport operators access to a far greater level of data to monitor, and the means to control their trailers like never before.

The highly configurable telematics system has a comprehensive range of features offering hauliers a much clearer view of their fleet, which in any transport business, is vital for both operational efficiency and maintaining your competitive edge within the industry.

As an introduction to the many outstanding benefits of telematics, Cargofleet 3 has an entry-level package which includes the core functions of EBS monitoring and track and trace. Thanks to the modular hub system, as requirements increase, new features can be added simply by connecting new hubs. These new hubs monitor areas such as fridge temperature, door sensors and tyre pressure and temperature. This means that from an initial low investment, operators are in full control and can upgrade their telematics system at any time to suit their business needs. Reassuringly, the system is easy to operate with training and support provided by BPW's technical team.

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Cargofleet 3's enhanced reporting functions are ideal to minimise trailer downtime and comply with operator's safety and maintenance requirements. The system constantly monitors and records trailer performance and will give early warnings of any operational failures, such as EBS alerts, so immediate action can be taken for repairs, reducing vehicle downtime and the risk of DVSA infringements for your business.

Customer demands in the temperature controlled supply chain are notoriously high. With so many variables to consider, telematics are an extremely valuable operational tool, which not only add value to your service but give immediate returns on your investment. idem telematics harness future technology to control your refrigerated fleet today.

To find out how BPW's telematics systems can give you stress free control of your fleet contact us today T: 0116 281 6132 E:

Watch our new video to guide you through our telematics systems.

Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System (EBPMS)

The latest development from BPW is an Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System (EBPMS). The system records fleet's trailer braking data to provide an overview of braking performance, helping to meet safety, compliance and maintenance requirements. An essential tool for Maintenance Managers as alerts notify you immediately of any defective brake performance for further investigation and schedule repairs.

Under the planned new DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme, sharing EBPMS data demonstrates compliance. A Ministry test would then only be needed for 1 of the 4 brake roller tests per annum. Keeping your trailers on the road earning money where they belong.

If you are a Transport Operator and want to learn more about the DVSA's planned Earned Recognition Scheme, watch our video to find out how sharing EBPMS data can demonstrate compliance.




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