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UK Team Wins BPW Football Tournament

It was a memorable weekend for English football when our national team beat Panama 6-1 in the 2018 World Cup and our UK Team won BPW’s World Cup Football Tournament in Germany.

With ten men in the squad, our UK Team flew to BPW’s german headquarters in Wiehl, to take part in their annual World Cup Football Tournament, held on Saturday 23 June 2018. Playing seven-a-side with three subs, our squad would be pitted against teams from across the BPW Group. Never having played together before, the team didn’t know who suited which position best, so it was fair to say hopes of success in the tournament were not high. Especially as we had lost our experienced goalkeeper Jordan Wait due to injury, and our star striker, Dan Newton, who had turned professional to become Stevenage FC’s top goal scorer.

Whilst they may not have been an obvious contender for the title, the squad more than made up for these shortcomings with solid performances throughout the tournament. Playing a total of eight games in quick succession was a real test of fitness and stamina which led them to adopt a strategic formation which kept key players in the same positions. This relied on Tommy Myatt and Lee Wade for defence, keeping Dan Bennett up front and then playing the less fit players in rotation, giving them time to recover. The side had a further set back when Dave Clements dislocated his knee, which saw him sat painfully on the bench for the rest of the tournament.

Despite these disadvantages, the team only conceded one game out of eight leading them to triumph in the final against the Electric Mobility Team to win the tournament. Our squads' outstanding performance did not go unrewarded, as Steve McCool picked up Goalkeeper of the Tournament whilst Tommy Myatt and Lee Wade drew admiration for their impenetrable defence. So strong was Lee Wade in defence, that when he won the ball against two opposition players with a driving header, the event commentator stated “That is UK Power”.

It was certainly a powerful performance and amazing achievement for the UK Team who totally deserve their winners trophy.

Photo Top Right: Back row (L-R) UK Team Dan Clarke, Dan Bennett, Lee Wade, Dave Clements, Kris McGoff, Chris Glew. Front row (L-R) Lewis Lingard, Tommy Myatt, Steve McCool, Brad Bishop.

Photo Bottom Right: Triumphant UK Team Captain Steve McCool with the tournament trophy.

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