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If your trailers have been standing for several weeks, BPW Limited recommends you check the following items on your trailers to avoid any potential issues when returning them to work.

BED THE BRAKES IN: There is a good chance that your drum or disc brakes will have some surface corrosion on them after being stored outside for several weeks. It would be advisable to drive the trailer on a short, unladen journey and apply the brakes several times to burn off any surface corrosion and ensure the friction material is in a suitable condition ready for its first laden journey.

CHECK TYRES: Ensure there are no punctures. Check the pressures and look for any damage.

DRAIN AIR TANKS: Condensation will have built up in the air tanks after being stored outside for a period of time, draining them keeps the air system free from corrosion.

CHECK FOR AIR LEAKS: After draining the air tanks, build up the air pressure and listen for any air leaks. Rubber seals on pipe fittings may have become brittle and leak after being exposed to cold night-time temperatures and condensation.

CHECK DRUM BRAKE OPERATION: Have one person apply the brakes from the tractor unit and a second person check the camshafts and slack adjusters for correct operation.

GREASE & ADJUST BRAKES: If the trailer has missed its most recent service, it would be advisable to grease the running gear with the correct BPW grease and adjust the brakes.

DISC BRAKES: If your trailer is fitted with BPW ECO Disc brakes, secure the trailer and safely release the trailer brakes. Once this is done and the trailer cannot roll away, check the brake calipers are free to slide back and forth. If they are seized, they can be serviced using a BPW caliper repair kit. If the discs show more excessive corrosion than just surface, contact your service provider.

CHECK YOUR LIGHTS: As part of the daily walk around driver checks, ensure all lights are operating correctly.

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