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The BPW ECO Disc brake has been performing in the European and UK markets for over 9 years. In that time more than two million ECO Disc brakes have been produced and it remains one of the most widely sold trailer disc brakes in Europe. Its success is due to the fact that BPW’s ECO Disc caliper was designed from the ground up to specifically meet the requirements of the trailer: disc brake calipers had previously derived from truck disc brakes. The next logical step from an evolutionary point of view is BPW’s new disc brake: the TS2. It retains the robust features of the original ECO Disc brake caliper but TS2 is lighter.

The TS2 operates with modern single offset tappet technology which, along with an enhanced pad back-plate reinforcement, gives an even distribution of braking force within the brake pad and disc. This ensures an even brake force distribution and a longer service life.

Throughout the design of the TS2 caliper, BPW engineers have kept the component count low and this, together with the single tappet solution, will ensure an even brake force and even distribution of forces within the reduced number of components. In a tri-axle configuration this is a weight saving of 12 kilograms.

The innovative compact design and stiffer caliper body, combined with BPW’s ECO patented hub technology, ensures the running gear system performs reliably, and for longer. When it’s time to replace the disc, this can be done without the need to remove the caliper, dependent on disc size. When compared to conventional disc braked systems the BPW solution can save up to three hours of workshop time per vehicle.

BPW’s TS2 ECO disc is available in the UK from May 2019 onwards.

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