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The BPW ECO-Disc brake caliper is built around low maintenance technology. The guide-pins and tappet boots need to be inspected annually. Remove the road wheel and pads. Grasp the caliper body with both hands ensure that it will move freely from side to side to the full extent of its travel. Check also that the pipes to the brake actuator do not impede this side to side movement. Wind out the tappets with the brake adjuster and release the metal course dirt seals with a ā€˜Cā€™ spanner, this will allow checking of the rubber boots for perishing and splitting.

Guide pins, guide pin seals and replacement tappets can be bought as kits from BPW parts distributors. If you need any advice with these procedures then contact our Technical Services team on 0044 116 2816100 (option 4).

A wide range of service bulletins covering standard maintenance issues such as this can be found on our webpage www.bpw.co.uk/technical Here you will also find the BPW Service - Maintenance Instructions booklet and our Workshop Service posters (copies available upon request).

Images: BPW Service - Maintenance Instructions BPW Trailer Axles and Suspensions Booklet, Pg 45.

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