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Most piston type or double-diaphragm type brake actuators are supplied with drain bungs in the front and rear low pressure housings. When these actuators are fitted correctly to the axle the lower bung in each housing should be removed to allow internal breathing of the device. If the actuator is fitted with a balance pipe connecting the front and rear housings then this must be uppermost and there will only be drain bungs in the front housing.

With both types it is essential to only remove the lower bungs. Failure to remove the drain bungs can result in poor brake performance or overheating of the brake.

For more details visit www.bpw.co.uk/technical where you will find the Brake Cylinder Installation Service Bulletin and also a copy of the Maintenance Instructions - BPW Trailer Axles and Suspensions.

Our Technical Services Team are always on hand to help with any problems or queries so please feel free to give them a call on 0116 281 6100.

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