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Temperature monitoring is at an ever-increasing demand as the transportation of goods becomes more regulated. It places more pressure on hauliers, and their drivers, who are obliged to comply with yet more legislation. In the case of sensitive freight, such as pharmaceuticals, transportation needs to be carefully controlled – reliably and securely. BPW Group member, idem telematics, has developed a solution which enables operators to track and monitor their fleet constantly, enabling temperature sensitive goods, such as medicines, to remain in their ideal climate.

High value, sensitive freight, such as the pharmaceutical cold chain, has to be transported within pre-defined temperature set points, as fluctuations outside the set corridors can affect the stability of medicines. With idem’s temperature solution, both operator and driver are able to spot any potential problems before they turn into a crisis. Employing this highly-detailed overview means you can pinpoint exactly where the problem is and react immediately.

idem’s temperature solution comes from one source: the Trailer Gateway, the brains of the system which also supports EBS monitoring and track and trace. It documents temperatures throughout the journey, providing the security that GDP requires. It also has an inbuilt EIPL (European Institute for Pharma Logistics) certification providing credible reliability for idem’s telematics system.

The system permanently displays and documents the temperature history and door status increasing freight safety, overseeing the risk of contamination, manipulation and theft. Six temperature sensors are available, maximising the accuracy of the temperature displayed, enabling reliable data to be documented from journey’s start to end.

By utilising the system, organisational procedures will be improved and operators can be confident they have a facility in place to serve their customers much more efficiently. What’s more, they will be able to give them the answers they need when, or better still, before they need them.

As a configurable telematics system that can feed through as much information as required, idem’s Trailer Gateway also enables new features to be added: brake pad wear monitor, tyre pressure monitor, door sensor / door lock monitor, to name but a few. These and more are available, together with the latest and highly desirable Electronic Brake Performance Measuring System (EBPMS) function. Sharing EBPMS data demonstrates compliance with the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme reducing regular brake roller test requirements to 1 per year. Automated EBS error alerts also enable proactive repair and maintenance scheduling.

idem is one of Europe’s leading providers of telematics for trucks and trailers with over 55,000 systems in operation. It is designed to increase transparency and economic efficiency of transport processes. This invaluable tool will not only bring returns on your investment in terms of guaranteed safety, but also allow you to secure, take control of your fleet and keep your eye on the ball at all times.

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