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BPW's Alex Mickowski Takes The Ultra White Collar Boxing Challenge

Boxing is perhaps the most challenging of all sports. Renowned for punishing training regimes and that final decisive battle to prove yourself in the ring.

BPW’s Alex Mickowski has bravely decided to face this challenge. A production operator at BPW and first time boxer, he is scheduled to take part in a charity boxing match at Leicester’s King Power Stadium on 24 March 2018.

Organised by Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWCB) new recruits with no boxing background such as Alex, are given the unique opportunity to experience the world of boxing, get in shape and raise money for Cancer Research UK. UWCB beginners are provided with 8 weeks free training at local gyms, designed to bring them to a peak level of fitness in readiness for their match. Boxing requires a great number of skills to succeed which take time to develop. Skills such as speed, agility, power, endurance and a tough mental attitude, but for now, Alex is hard at work learning the footwork basics, blocking and the proper punching form.

Fighting under the name of “Alexander the Great Mickowski” he is also discovering where his strengths lie, as one of his main motivations has been to not let his family or friends down, as they will all be there to watch him on the night.

To ensure it is a fair fight, Alex will be matched with an opponent of the same ability, weight, age and fitness level, so he will truly have to dig deep to out score his opponent. Rather than apprehension Alex has said “I’m full of excitement and can’t wait for the event.” Alex’s boxing endeavors have received encouragement from across all areas of his life, and he is “thankful to all my family, friends, colleagues and for my coach’s support as it really means a lot.” BPW are just as equally supportive and have sponsored Alex's fund raising efforts.

This challenge should undoubtedly be one of the most exhilarating experiences of Alex’s life and one which deserves our full support and admiration for the commitment he has shown. We wish Alex all the best with his training and look forward to his match and hopeful victory. Regardless of what happens on the night, Alex has already won our admiration and respect for boldly taking on this challenge.

To sponsor Alex please visit his JustGiving page http://bit.ly/2E6Uuc1

Photo: Alex Mickowski

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