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When lubricating taper roller bearings, it is important to select the correct grease, one designed to optimise bearing life. The only grease recommended by BPW is ECO-Li Plus grease.  ECO-Li Plus is an anti-friction, lithium complex blue grease and can protect and enhance the life of the hub unit and its components. The grease is resilient and can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to 130 degrees Celsius, including peak temperatures of 160 degrees Celsius.


CAUTION AGAINST COUNTERFEIT: A range of bearing grease types are currently available which closely resemble or mimic the appearance of the BPW original.  Despite visual similarities, these counterfeits fall short of BPW’s performance and safety standards and compromise the integrity and functionality of BPW running gear, posing potential risks to vehicles’ operation and maintenance.


STREAMLINING SERVICING: For fast and efficient servicing, workshop technicians need the right tools.  One must-have is the BPW Grease Applicator Kit.  Packing taper roller bearings by hand is a messy job at the best of times; using too much grease can result in unnecessary wastage and a time-consuming clean up.  On the other hand, using too little grease can shorten the life of the bearings. Neither are desirable scenarios.


HOW THE APPLICATOR KIT WORKS: The kit contains a base to hold the bearing cone and a closure plate. Fitted to the back of the closure plate is a standard grease nipple to feed the grease through.  This clever piece of kit then feeds the right amount of grease to the bearing cone, filling the cavities between the closure plate and the base.  Compact and easy to use, the Grease Applicator Kit extends the service life of taper roller bearings, prevents grease waste and decreases the chance of contamination.


By following BPW’s recommendation to use ECO-Li Plus grease, vehicle owners and technicians can maintain the efficiency and reliability of equipment while ensuring a smooth and safe operation.




18 June 2024


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