HAACON - Landing Gear with Lift

New Landing Gear with Lift of 710mm for Centre-Axle Trailer

Haacon offers a new landing gear for centre-axle trailers based on the ‘S 2000 Plus’ semi trailer landing gear.  Huge improvements have been made in the extent of usable lift.  The S/VKmG type with an o/a height of 850 mm offers a lift of 550 mm and the extremely short-built S/VKmG o/a height 800 mm, with an additional drop leg, has a complete lift of 710 mm.

The telescopic drop can be operated very easily by a spring lock and a handgrip. The drop leg is a far safer solution than a makeshift extension mounted below the trailer.  The admissible load for both models is at least 10 t. In the fast gear drive position, a 20 mm lift per crank turn can be achieved. The ratio for fast gear/low gear is approx 10:1. To change the gears, the crank handle should be pushed or pulled.

Like the ‘S 2000 Plus’, the gear drive is installed vertically in order to save space. The large contact surface can be swivelled by 15° in any direction and the counter plate can be supplied loose for own fitting.

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