Eco Drum Brake

ECO Drum Brake

BPW's Eco Drum Brake offers a rapid response time and consistently good braking throughout the entire lining life. BPW’s ECODrum brake offers a greater degree of safety for both long and short distance operation.

Only one central spring

The drum brake has only one pull-off spring. The high tensile force of this specifically designed, high performance component means the brake is rapidly reset to its original position.

Simple re-adjustment of the ABS sensor

If necessary, the ABS sensor can be easily adjusted through an opening in the back plate.

Bearing-mounted brake rollers for long life

Brake rollers which include long-life lubrication guarantee
smooth running properties and consistent brake efficiency. The brake roller is secured on its pin by locking rings and operates with almost no resistance. The supply of grease for the inner brass bush is sufficient to last the life of the brake lining.

When the lining is changed, the inner bushes should be cleaned and re-greased in accordance with BPW maintenance recommendations. As a result the BPW drum brake guarantees a consistently high level of performance throughout the entire service life of the vehicle.


The quick and easy removal and refitting of the BPW ECODrum brake assembly.

  • Remove bayonet fit hub cap

  • Remove locking clip

  • Unscrew hub bolt which acts as a puller and pulls hub, drum, wheel and tyre off in one simple operation

  • View of stub axle brake assembly

  • Insert screw driver and unclip brake retention spring

  • Unfastened

  • Lever brake shoe away from anchor pin (lower shoe first)

  • Separate brake shoes by unfastening single pull off spring

  • Drive centre of brake roller out

  • View of 2 piece brake roller

  • Two piece brake roller should be cleaned and re-greased when relining brake shoe. (Rebuild of the brake drum assembly is simply a reversal of the removal)


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