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These days, time critical deliveries of temperature-sensitive goods are increasingly more demanding, with the customer expecting key areas of data to be instantly attainable to ensure that regulations are adhered to. Also, the cost of maintenance is ever increasing: fleet managers are constantly looking at lean process management to ensure maintenance downtime is low and the asset is utilised to its maximum capacity out on the road.

BPW’s telematics TCONTROL has the capability to ensure that these inefficiencies are addressed. Gathering key elements of a trailer’s movements, via GPS, fridge and EBS interrogation, the TCONTROL can manage by exception. Alarms, in real time, can highlight concerns such as temperature variations i.e. set points, supply and return air alarms, door opening and closing and diesel monitoring of the refrigeration unit. The error codes on the EBS modulator can indicate roll stability and harsh braking events, as well as loading and unloading times.

Tyres and trailer components are also a significant cost to haulage companies. Incorrect tyre pressure can increase fuel costs, and trailer components that are replaced too early can deter from the bottom line of the business. BPW’s solution can measure these areas and notify when detrition starts to occur, offering fleet/transport managers real time data to eschew a leaner and effective operation.


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